Springing forth from the mind of Pietro Turri, a company was founded in 1925 that was destined to become a leader in the field of interior furnishing in less than half a century’s time. Its growing success is due to its precise position in the market. Turri proposes classic and contemporary furniture as both a tradition and a philosophy. Every single piece of furniture made by the company, from the very first chest of drawers in 1925 up to the most current production, has been a summary of three simple, basic concepts: originality, authenticity, and uniqueness.


Two indispensable words come to mind when one talks about Turri’s production: manual skill. Every piece of furniture, whether upholstered or non-upholstered, is characterized by the uniqueness of its production techniques and by the high quality of the materials that are used. Each piece is created and assembled with great care and exquisite artisan skill. This is perhaps the most important factor contributing to the end result. Lacquer, brass, crystal, and precious wood are assembled, decorated, and finished with techniques dating back to the beginning of the 19th century. These include superimposing colors during the consecutive stages and applying an antique gold finish. Solid poplar wood constitutes the frame of the upholstered furniture which is then covered with sophisticated materials featuring refined patterns that have been created by the most famous weavers. These materials are all personally controlled by Turri in order to satisfy the needs of its discerning clientele. Every single piece is conceived to achieve the maximum results in terms of form, quality, and prestige.


In 1975, thanks to the positive reaction of the markets and the economic growth of the company in terms of turnover, Turri invested in two 18,000m2 production plants employing 120 people. These were located in the town of Carugo, in the heart of the “Brianza furniture district”.
There is a strong correlation between the success of Turri’s production and its at international level. Indeed, the growth of interest from countries outside of Europe in Turri products led the company to open up to markets never faces before.
Turri’s highly cosmopolitan nature contributed to the birth and development of exciting and innovative ideas that led the company’s management to evaluate new investment opportunities.


There is a strong correlation between the success of Turri’s production and its opening at an international level. These two factors enhance and reinforce each other. At the same time, the company’s strong cosmopolitan dimension has helped contribute to the creation of stimulus and forward-thinking ideas. Turri is present all over the world with qualified and selected sales points in the most consolidated markets in Europe and America as well as those found in Russia, the Middle East, and the Far East. The company has a presence that can not be defined as simply geographic. Rather, Turri responds to a number of prestigious and exclusive objectives, offering its top quality products and impeccable service.


The continuous evolution of its furniture production and contracting techniques, together with a constant and fundamental reference to the finest in classical tradition, have made it possible for Turri to export its products in almost all the countries of the world. In fact, 90% of the sales volume is relative to foreign markets.


During this period, the “project division” developed within the company, with great success. The company was being asked to take on large-scale contract projects with completely bespoke furniture, and it was this demand that necessitated the creation of a dedicated division to deal with the planning, design and execution of any project requested by the client. In this way, Turri was able to broaden its commercial offering by promoting “bespoke” projects, offering products ranging from suspended ceilings, panelling, marble work and doors, up to made-to-measure furniture suitable for any building, from luxury private homes and hotel chains right through to restaurants and even yachts.


2013 was a decisive year for Turri, which showed its ever-increasing belief in the strength and stability of its brand by continuing to invest.
A new 20,000m2 production plant was launched in Briosco, a facility that allowed the company to increase its production capacity whilst maintaining its trademark top quality. Thanks to expert organisation, coupled with consummate logistics, Turri was able to get closer and closer to the needs of its clients, guaranteeing truly excellent service to all of them.


Turri’s policy is to continuously invest in resources and projects with high chances of growth. In fact, in 2015, which marked the brand’s 90th anniversary, Turri opened a new flagship store in Milan, in via Borgospesso 11, in the heart of the city’s luxury and fashion district. This store is designed to serve as a sole point of reference for Milan’s international clientele.


New ideas and challenging projects continue to push Turri to improve for the future. Thanks to its artisanal spirit, its first-rate staff and its passion for the Made in Italy it represents, the company is investing intelligently, in order to surpass increasingly ambitious milestones.