Andrea Bonini


Andrea Bonini was born in Verona in 1985 and studied Interior and Product Design at the Marangoni institute in Milan. At the same time, he started working in design studios and then went on to collaborate with several design studios and brands in the industry in Verona and Milan, where he became project manager of some international projects. In 2011, he launched the Andrea Bonini Luxury Interior & Design Studio. In 2012, the press described Bonini as one of the youngest designers at the 2012 International Fashion Fair with a full collection on show. In recent years, Bonini has been working on increasingly international projects, travelling from Dubai, to London, to Milan. Bonini developed the concept of interior design as an environment, paying meticulous care to each single detail and creating elegant interiors with refined character. Designer of collections: Vogue and Noir

Fabio Friso


Fabio Friso was born in 1966 in Seregno, near Milan. In 1985 he earned his degree in interior design from the Istituto d’arte in Cantù, the city that is famous throughout Italy as being the birthplace of artisan workshops specialized in woodworking. In fact, this is the area of Italy where, over the years, the mere creation of furniture has become a painstaking and highly skilled art that wisely chooses, carves, and inlays the material, maximizing all the different nuances and types of wood used. Through collaborations with several architectural firms, the young designer started to show his eclectic and extremely refined propensity towards decoration, designing furniture for important high-level international projects. Villas and majestic palaces of leading figures in high society, especially in Russia, have been furnished with enveloping and sumptuous products that are richly decorated, all from the creative imagination of Fabio Friso. His collaboration with Turri was a natural progression of his passion for classic and elegant furniture. The designer began a long and fruitful collaboration with the company that continues to this day. Designer of collections: Versaiiles, Baroque and Prestige

Giovanni Cagnato


Giovanni Cagnato, considered to be one of the most remarkable and refined architects in the spectrum of contemporary Italian art and culture, was born in Gorizia, Italy, in 1973 and spent his childhood in Trieste. As a result, Giovanni Cagnato began developing an academic background starting in a German institute, followed by classical studies in high school, and then a hands-on approach to architecture in Venice, the most famous museum-city in the entire world. Among his clients, we can include important international jet setters, Asian politicians and diplomats, and Russian and Indian tycoons. His collaboration with Turri was pure destiny. “I remember when I was a child, that there was always Turri brand furniture in my father’s gallery.” – says the architect. “The elegance of their forms and the particular precision and grace of the finishes are something that I can easily recognize.” Designer of collections: Pegaso, Orion, Stardust and Diamond