Contract by TURRI


Turri is a leading company in the luxury furnishing field. The company prides itself on its flexibility, broad range of products, and attention to top quality. Established in 1925, the company now has a production area that covers 18 thousand square meters. Turri has grown and evolved from its successful beginnings as a small artisan company to incorporate a large manufacturing plant in northern Italy. The production is divided into two industrial plants with a staff of 120 employees: one for furniture and the other for upholstery. Turri’s production is exhibited in the most beautiful showrooms and stores in the most important cities all around the world (Harrods in London, Le Mercier’s in Singapore, Nuovo Collection in Hong Kong, Turri Shop in Moscow, YDF Young Dong Furniture in Seoul, Lider Don in Donetsk, and Seitz in München, just to name a few).


The company dedicates its creative and productive resources to the contract business. Its Projects Division has completed major contract projects all over the world, creating furnishings and interiors for accommodations, workplaces, public offices, and private yachts. Turri has been particularly active in Hotels and Luxury Apartments and there is a special division for contract projects which is capable of actively collaborating with architects and designers in order to develop and produce luxurious interior furnishings. Turri works in harmony with the other companies in the group, such as Axolo for the bathroom. It coordinates all the work and specialized suppliers, and often functions as the “main contractor”, availing of the skills of several companies and guaranteeing for the quality of the end results.


The sales network is divided in two different commercial channels. The first one is represented by a chain of direct agents, importers, and sole distributors, while the second is represented by the internal projects department, which is involved in furnishing turn-key projects for private villas, offices, shops, hotels, and yacht clubs.


Turri’s products are characterized by a luxurious classical-contemporary line which is a summary of three simple, basic concepts: originality, authenticity, and uniqueness. Turri furniture is made with prestigious materials and the high quality artisan finishes, which are the result of continuous research, are in harmony between art and technology. The decorations found on the products celebrate deep emotions and primitive feelings, through the combination of colors used. These are unique pieces which are able to incite the warmth of luxury and form timeless moments. The atmospheres created by the fashionable furniture and accessories are perfectly suited to the most demanding of clientele. In fact, Turri customers enjoy the idea of lifestyle and are looking to personalize their own homes and spaces.


For design professionals, Turri can either work to your specifications or offer an extensive range of furniture that goes hand-in-hand with today’s needs – ranging from classic luxury styles to contemporary luxury designs. Turri showcases an extraordinary versatility with their ability to customize the standard proposal. It is also quite able to carry out very ample and diversified projects: from small/medium sized ones to large scale ones. Here, every single piece of furniture can be characterized by a personalized solution. The Turri collection proves to be a unique furniture system for the contract field. It is aimed at a varied and international public and is organized in such a way as to offer a wide and diversified choice of solutions.


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